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Email Marketing: What We Do Best! Every company has their specialty, ours is helping you with your engagement of potential clients via Email Marketing campaigns, keeping you top-of-mind with your most important assets - your current customers; and to assist you in reaching new audience. From account set-up and template designs to campaign distribution and analytical reporting.

Remember the old days when sending an email was like building a house? Well, it's so much easier now and that is why sending an email is the most used medium for individuals and companies to stay in touch, it is not Social Media, SMS text messaging or mobile web platforms - sending an email is still the champion of business communication.

Email Marketing is king! It is more sophisticated now, combining social media, mobile strategies and great landing pages - delivering results for businesses. For effective returns on email marketing depends on factors that most busy executives, owners and employees do not have and these are; time, effective planning, eye-catching template designs, good copywriting, management of email lists, conversion strategy and analysis of data - BITSolutions do it all, that is why our email marketing services in jamaica has become so popular with our customers.

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Our Email Marketing Products


OUR "BITS" EMAIL ONLY Package allows you to do-it-yourself(DIY), create high-impact, clean emails quickly and with no technical expertise - try it, you will be addicted.

Email Quick Start

EMAIL PLUS CAMPAIGNS, built for you - Account set up, load contact list and professionally designed email flyers. Your next step? Add content and hit send!

Branded Email Marketing

TEMPLATE DESIGNS AND MORE created based on your layout and design requirements to create a unique template that reflects your business or organization.


Customized Solution - Discovering Your Full Potential BITSOLUTIONS OFFERS you a turnkey service in Email Marketing - from concept, branded designed templates to distribution strategy and analytical reporting. Our partnership with Email Marketing giants Constant Contact provide us with some of the best resources and technology that makes it easy, effective, and highly affordable way to get your message out to your customers, clients, or members.

We have the expertise, all under the same roof, that will, integrate the elements that produces a great email campaign and by extension, great results. We have access to proven email marketing technology and methodology to help you get income earning results for your email campaign or email blast.

Our Email Marketing Service includes a review of your existing email strategy, followed by our consultative role in developing a plan to integrate email marketing into your business' overall marketing strategy - combining social media, content marketing, advertising, public relations and search engine optimization - which allow for a more effective marketing.



  • Communicate with your most important assets - your existing customers
  • Reach new target audiences with a effect collection of email address
  • Emai Marketing makes it quick, easy and affordable to connect with your customers
  • Email Marketing: Build a better business through customer loyalty and referrals
  • Build customer loyalty quickly and affordably with Email Marketing