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Search Engine Marketing

Finding new cheese (new markets) is never easy and sometimes require a tidy investment but it is the primary strategy to staying in business. BITSolutions search marketing strategy is to use your minimum budget to maximize your return.

Our approach is to encourage a consistent monthly spend of whatever size allocated to pay-per-click, providing you with in-depth analysis of search patterns to select the most efficient keywords, effective copy writing for adword campaigns, keen management of campaign and timely reporting.

Social Media Marketing

FACT: "Social Media platforms and sites reach 8 out of 10 of all U.S. Internet users and account for 23% of all time spent online". We enhance your visibility with social media Marketing but always with the knowledge that this should mean getting more leads, more sales for your business.

Our approach is not to just to increase the number of Facebook "likes", Instagram "follows" or LinkedIn "connections" but to increase your bottom line; hence, social media marketing is often supported by an email marketing strategy.

Hotel Distribution Marketing

Is your hotel reaching the right audience online? Are you getting your share of business through online distribution channels? How you sell your rooms online is critical to maximizing room revenue and profits but it can be challenging in placing your hotel infront of the right audience.

BITSolutions has over 15 years experience and record of success in hotel distribution channels which connects your property to the right network of Online Travel Agencies and travel websites, allowing your hotel to be bookable in travel agencies and through the Internet.


Our Approach

Integration:Our approach is, "If it is not broken, why fix it? Make it better". If traditional marketing works for you then there is no need to replace it - we integrate with non-traditional online marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and other trendy Internet marketing strategies. Our objective is to use what works for your business and make it better with internet marketing solutions.

Consider Your Bottom Line:The consistency of your spend in online marketing is what produces real result and not only the size of your budget. We consider the smallest of budget and make the best of it. Your return on investment is what matters most - we always bear that in mind.

What To Expect From Us?

1. Integration: Keeping Your Idea In Mind

You can expect a smooth, streamlined and integrated approach to web design and development from BITSolutions, your full service Internet marketing provider in Montego Bay Jamaica. From the inception of your idea to the implementation of that dream marketing website, we will use some of the most advance cutting edge interactive media technologies to keep you abreast with the latest trend that will keep you ahead of the game - fully supported supported by experience digital media professionals.

2. Analysis: Understanding Your Needs

Firstly, we do a comprehensive research and analysis of your business needs. Once we have a full grasp of those needs, understanding of your business and it's competitive environment, we then position ourselves to develop customized web applications, social media strategies or email marketing distribution plan that are specifically designed for you. We endeavor to create internet solutions that has the best integrated online technologeis that will quickly increase the engagement of your target audience.