Outsourced Marketing

What Is Outsourced Marketing?

It is art of transferring your entire, or part of your business's online marketing demands to a third party, the process often managed by the company's marketing person or the owner. Many companies are outsourcing there marketing to a third party, it is a growing phenomenon globally, and outsourced marketing in Jamaica and the Caribbean is slowly gathering momentum. With so many components in marketing, many small business find handing over there marketing to a third party to be more efficient and allowing them to spend more time to perform their core duties of the business.

Secondly, the benefits of outsourced marketing ranges from the business having access to higher quality of talents that may not be readily available in-house. Further, outsourced marketing minimizes the need to create an in-house marketing team, reducing overhead cost and still increase lead generation.

Thirdly, outsourcing marketing reduces the need for multiple agencies and specialist consultants as all the companies marketing requirements are provided for by a single agencies offering full service online marketing.

What We Do For You?

1. Why Consider Outsourced Marketing

BITSolutions will explore with you the areas of your business that would benefit from outsourced marketing services.

Perhaps your business lacks the resource to take on a full time marketing personnel but you are aware that inadequate staff can negatively affect your marketing initiatives and consistent marketing efforts produce better results.

2. An Analysis of Your Needs:

We provide you an in-depth look at your current marketing needs, your resources and how outsourced marketing will help.

We aim is to assist you grow your business, attracting new clients, improve your sales, improve effective communication with current clients or just to develop your online brand recognition, BITSolutions will leave no stone undisturbed to make it happen.

3. Create dynamite offers:

It is not that you are giving up your responsibilities in online marketing to a third party, as your oversight is still needed. The accountability in success of the marketing plan will be agreed upon by measurable targets and goals.

BITSolutions range of online marketing services will cover all areas of lead generation to brand management.