Search Engine Marketing

Direct Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the most direct form of advertising and getting your message out to your target audience quickly. Also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising it's the most powerful medium that allows you direct responses. The use of search engine marketing in Jamaica and pay-per-click advertising in the Caribbean by business owners are growing rapidly and quickly catching up to their counterparts in Canada, United States of America, Europe and United Kingdom. Companies who use PPC advertising in Jamaica is more likely to increase online visibility and therefore has a greater advantage over their competitors who are not visible online.

Although Social Media Marketing (SMM) has changed the way businesses reach new audience, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines still bring as much as 90% of all traffic to websites. Search Engine Marketing or Pay-Per-Click allows you to get targeted traffic to your website and directly to your business. People are searching online for your product or services - don't miss the opportunities search engine advertising brings.

It makes is the key difference between casual browsers who may be window shopping as oppose to getting strong leads and prospects likely to purchase your product or service.

Pay-per-Click Advertising Gets You There Quicker

An Experience Team

BITSolutions has over 15 years combined experience in managing search engine advertising campaigns and rest assured that we get you the best return for your investment. We professionally design your landing pages, set-up your campaigns, create adgroups, in-depth keywords research and timely reporting for review and analysis of your campaign. Our service on PPC advertising spans over a wide area of business type - hotels, adventure tours and travel, construction, wedding professional and much more

What Is Pay-per-Click Advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising, or sponsored link advertising are usually highlighted and can be found at the top or to the right of the generic search result of the major search engines. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads, are also found on relevant content blogs, website, articles and online news feeds. These newspaper classifieds-style text ads appear based on keywords being bid on in an auction-style format. Generally, the higher your maximum reserve bid, the higher in rank your ad appears. We recommend that you invest a consistent budget, however small or large.

Why Invest in Pay-per-Click Adverstising
  • You only pay when your ad is clicked on, not based on ad impressions, which is the case for most banner ads on most popular websites
  • When ad is clicked, a call-to-action to submit a form, view landing page or download whitepaper, is triggered - improving your search ranking
  • Get your ad to the top of search results to gain instant views and traffic to your website while you wait on SEO efforts to work
  • Reach targeted visitors globally based on their search pattern, geograpic locations and browsing behaviour
  • Assist you in gaining better understanding of your customers' online pattern and access to online market trends
  • Allow you to test and consistently improve reach by A/B split testing methods
  • You can easily track purchase patterns, review keyword, add and show you what keywords work

BITSolutions can increase your position over your competitors by implementing proven tactics, increasing efficiency in monthly budget and your overall return on investment(ROI) from your Search Engine Marketing campaigns.