Website Design

Keeping You Idea in MindFrom the inception of your idea to the implementation of that dream marketing website, we will use some of the most advance cutting edge interactive media technologies to keep you abreast with the latest trend and ahead of the game - fully supported supported by a dedicated electronic media professionals. You can expect a smooth, streamlined and integrated approach to website design and development from BITSolutions, a full service online marketing service provider in Montego Bay Jamaica.

We believe that bits of information creates greater knowledge, hence, we are very meticulous in the website design and development process. Request A Quote

Our Process

1. Graphic Design: (Click Here for Details)

Because we understand the need to have a visually appealing entry to your home or business office to grab your clients' attention, in the same way you need to get the user's attention on entry to your website. Our experienced graphic designers will capture the look and feel of your company's brand - colour scheme, images, page dynamics, font styles and much more. If your business does not have a brand look and feel, BITSolutions will assist you in creating a brand look, ask about our Graphic Design Services.

Once a visitor arrives at your website, you literally only have a matter of seconds to grab their attention. Yes, it is important that your website design is attractive enough in the eyes of your visitors, therefore knowing your target market well in terms of what may resonate visually with them will help. Graphic design deals with the look and feel of your website. This includes considerations such as color scheme, page layouts, navigation, images, font styles, and much, much more.
Attention to details is critical and sophisticated web applications are primary but at the top of the is list in web design and development is knowing and practicing good programming techniques which affects the website's loading speed, search engine friendliness, remove errors across any browser, ease of maintenance and compatibility with major browsers, mobile devices and smart phones are also critical.
Honestly, we would prefer not to do this because who writes about you better than you? Nevertheless, we understand that it requires time which you may not have; tell us about you, your business and our copywriters will create compelling copy supported by the appropriate images that draws your website's visitors to stay and return to your website. We write for you with your website visitors in mind!
After all the great graphic design, programming and compelling copy, your website needs to be found online amidst the over 300 million other websites clamoring for the same space. Getting new audience to find you at the top of the search engines is no easy tasks, no walk in the park or overnight wonder, it takes real work, real dedicated SEO professionals to get you there and keep you there. That is why at BITSolutions, we create your website from the start with this in mind, hence we employ tecnhiques, keywords in your website content and design, making your website search engine friendly.

Trust us to build a beautiful house in the woods for you and still get you found by all!
With over 15 years combined experience in traditional and non-traditional marketing, this is an aspect of our integrated approach to Internet Marketing and is among our strongest attributes as a online marketing service provider and it is certainly the most important to you - getting the word out. The marketing element of our work looks at your mission, vision and objectives of the website and determines the other elements that needed to make the website and your business successful.